• Off the Shelf Barkitectural Products: Bow Wow Haus offers ready to install Barkitectural products such as Doggy + Kitty doors in a variety of material finishes and sizes to accommodate your style and needs.

  • Custom Barkitectural Products: When only a one-of-a-kind Bow Wow Haus product will due to suit your specific style and needs, our experienced Barkitects are here to work with you on a custom design.

  • Installation: In the Santa Fe area Bow Wow Haus is partnered with licensed and experienced contractors who can install your Doggy + Kitty doors for an additional fee. If you have your own contractor or handyman, we will coordinate with them to ensure proper installation of your Doggy + Kitty door.

  • Design Consultation: As Barkitects with professional experience ranging from high end residential to commercial and civic architectural projects, we can help you and/or your design team to most logically and beautifully integrate Barkitectural design into your new build or re-model.